What Does The Future Hold For Sai Wan?


What does the future hold for Sai Wan? 

Introducing a new urban design competition targeting visions for the future of Sai Wan District


全新都市規劃設計大賞   結集西環未來視野

HONG KONG, 1 NOV 2013: Sai Wan (西環) is one of the most vibrant districts in Hong Kong, and it is in the midst of intense change. Beautiful Sai Wan and XXX Gallery are teaming up to sponsor a competition for local and international urban designers / urban design teams to share their 20-year vision for the future of Sai Wan. The objective of this competition is to bring attention to this unique moment in Sai Wan’s history, spark further public discussion into urban planning choices being made today, and advocate for responsible and sustainable development in the future. Successful submissions shall focus largely on holistic urban design / masterplanning decisions for the district.

(2013年11月5日,香港)作為香港最有活力的地區之一,西環目前正處於一個充滿變動的時刻。Beautiful Sai Wan 聯同 XXX Gallery 將舉辦一個都市規劃設計大賞,吸引本地甚至國際的都市規劃設計人或團隊,分享他們對西環未來20年的視野。比賽目的是希望招納更多公眾,關注西環史上這個獨特的時刻,進而引發公共討論現有的都市規劃,以及倡議一套負責任且可持續的發展理念。

One of Hong Kong Island’s original four districts, Sai Wan straddles the past and the future. Sai Wan has retained a great deal of its heritage over the last century, even as the rest of Hong Kong has transformed greatly. Today, the mixed-use neighbourhood is home to a diverse community of residential, commercial, and HK University neighbours, on a mixed-terrain, harbourside urban grid anchored by primary thoroughfares Queens Road West, Des Voeux Road West, Hill Road, and Kennedy Town Praya.


All of this may soon change. The intense development of Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun districts – and the ensuing increasing rents – has pushed more and more residents and small businesses westward toward Sai Ying Pun and Kennedy Town. The recent opening of the Sai Ying Pun escalator, and the June 2014 extension of the MTR West Island Line shall have a profound impact on the fabric of Sai Wan, for better or worse.


Beautiful Sai Wan and XXX Gallery ask the following questions:

  • What is your 20-year vision for Sai Wan?
  • What urban design choices must be made today in order to achieve that vision?
  • Who wins, who loses?

Beautiful Sai Wan 與 XXX Gallery 有以下提問:




All submissions will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. Heritage preservation
  2. Sustainable economic development
  3. Environmental sustainability
  4. Design creativity and innovation
  5. Social / cultural contribution
  6. Implementation feasibility








A neighbourhood questionnaire is being organized in November 2013 to gather input from current Sai Wan residents, and the results of this consultation shall be summarized as a key consideration for all interested participants.


Winning submissions shall be shared with the community in a road show format in early 2014, culminating in a gala presentation hosted by XXX Gallery. Beautiful Sai Wan shall then present the winning submission to government representatives with an aim to collaboratively advocate for continued responsible and sustainable development.

勝出作品將於2014年初於西環進行路演,開幕儀式晚會將假XXX Gallery舉行。Beautiful Sai Wan 將向政府代表會面,並呈上勝出作品,希望倡議政府可繼續有責任地及可持續地進行社區發展。
Registration begins 25 Nov, 2013

Submissions accepted until 15 Apr, 2014


2014年 4月15日截止報名


Cassady Winston |英語|+852 9156 2330|xxxgalleryhk@gmail.com

Bo Hui|華語|+852 9309 0526|xxxgalleryhk@gmail.com           


Cassady Winston |英語|+852 9156 2330|xxxgalleryhk@gmail.com

Bo Hui|華語|+852 9309 0526|xxxgalleryhk@gmail.com

More details can be found at http://www.beautifulsaiwan.com

欲知道更多詳情,請瀏覽 http://www.beautifulsaiwan.com

Platinum sponsors 白金贊助:

  • Beautiful Sai Wan
  • XXX Gallery

Gold sponsor 金贊助:

  • ChowPourian Lab

About the sponsors:


Beautiful Sai Wan

Beautiful Sai Wan is a grassroots community-based organisation promoting the heritage and beauty of Sai Wan and neighbouring districts on Western Hong Kong Island.

Beautiful Sai Wan 是一個社區為本位的草根組織,以推廣文化古蹟、西環與其他港島西社區之美為目標。


XXX Gallery

Based on Des Voeux Road West in Sai Wan, XXX Gallery is Hong Kong’s truest underground art venue, encouraging new art, new music, and new interactions.

位於西環德輔道西的XXX Gallery,為香港最貨真價實的地下藝術地標,鼓勵新藝術、新音樂、以及新的跨界交流。

ChowPourian Lab
ChowPourianLab is the Hong Kong-based design duo of Sonia Chow and Huschang Pourian. Their portfolio spans multiple disciplines – including communication design, fashion, illustration, textiles, jewellery, lighting and furniture – and more than fifteen years of international experience with assignments in Canada, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Japan.


二人設計團隊 ChowPourianLab 以香港為基地,成員包括 Sonia Chow 及 Huschang Pourian。其創作媒介多元,包括傳訊設計、時裝、插畫、紡織、珠寶、燈光、甚至傢俬製作,在行內累積超過15年國際經驗,客戶遍佈加拿大、德國、法國、捷克、香港及日本。

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